Q&A: MSU alum motivates other with #60daytransformationchallenge

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Instagram users respond to Keyon Clinton's challenge to focus on health and wellness for 60 days as part of his #60daytransformationchallenge.


Instagram users respond to Keyon Clinton's challenge to focus on health and wellness for 60 days as part of his #60daytransformationchallenge.

Michigan State University alumnus Keyon Clinton put out a challenge to his social media followers — and they responded.

Clinton, a motivational speaker and author, challenged himself to transform his body in 60 days, and then put the challenge out to others. More than 250 people have responded to his #60daychallenge. Clinton uses Instagram and GroupMe to connect with his followers.

Spartan Newsroom: What is the purpose of the 60-day challenge?

Keyon Clinton: Recently, I went through a major body transformation to step on stage as a certified bodybuilder within six months. After placing second in my very first show, I began to think about creating a platform where people all over the world can place fitness in the forefront of their lives. So I created a 60-day transformation challenge to apply pressure on people to change the way that they look, change their eating habits and, most importantly, transform the way that they think because fitness is a lifestyle.

SN: How do you hope this impacts the community?

Clinton: My vision for this challenge is to start a movement that will inspire thousands all over the world that transformations do not have to take five to 10 years. Also, to create a fitness family where we can motivate and hold each other accountable so that everybody can achieve their goals.

SN: Did you think the challenge would have the outcome it has now?

Clinton: I did not expect to have 250 people joining the challenge, but I am so thankful that we have a huge outcome because the next one is going to be even bigger.

SN: How do you incorporate social media in the challenge?

Clinton: Social media is a platform that is used for spreading information and movements. Once I was able to get a few people on board, we began shouting out our friends to accept the challenge. Once the word got out, everybody started contacting me.

SN: Would you consider yourself to be an influencer? Why?

Clinton: I do consider myself as an influencer because this entire movement started from my transformation, which inspired others to take fitness more seriously. Not only through fitness, my goal as an execution coach is to help people find their purpose in life. I have been mentoring over 30 high school students throughout the city of Detroit as well, creating more impact in the world.

SN: Do you have any fitness guru’s that you look up to? If so who and how?

Clinton: My fitness guru is Kai Greene. He’s a professional bodybuilder who loves his craft. He doesn’t follow traditions and he’s not afraid of being different. He’s very competent in his field of expertise and humble enough to have reached out to me and provide me with tips and advice on how to become better in fitness.

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