Playing magic with a local goddess

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A local goddess is practicing magic to help the greater community. By reading tarot cards and giving spellbinding stones to customers.

What makes this service a popular one is because no one in Lansing, Mich. offers astrology and magic as a tool for help.

Dawne Botke, a resident of Lansing, knew she wanted to be a goddess since she was a little girl.

With the seal of approval from her mother, they both ventured into the world of astrology, tarot cards and magic.

Botke had to keep this a secret since this was frowned upon in her community. But that didn’t stop her curiosity to learn more about what is alive in a world that’s not ours. And today, she’s made her hobby a living.

‘Triple Goddess Bookstore’ is located in Lansing, Mich. and that’s where Botke primarily spends her time. And most of the time, she’s helping out individuals with her expertise in magic.


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