MSU student starts blog promoting body positivity

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EAST LANSING, Mich. — Gabrielle Seghi, kinesiology junior at Michigan State University, created her own body-positive health blog last spring.

Seghi said she started her blog, Free Bird, in hopes to share her knowledge with others and remind individuals that images in the media are not always reality.

“I think everyone’s body is so beautiful because everyone is so different– and I think that is important to accept,” Seghi said.

Seghi said she creates blog posts about different fitness tips and strives to promote confidence when individuals step into a gym, even if they are just starting.

“Hopefully it will inspire them to keep going,” Seghi said.

Seghi said body-positive posts on her blog, such as Finding balance and You’re more than your body encourage women to be happy with themselves and remind them that everything in life is a balance.

“Inspiring them to be confident in themselves at every stage of the journey only helps it along,” Seghi said.

Seghi said viewers have reacted positively to her blog posts, and have found her posts helpful and motivating.

“I actually had a girl just message me a couple days ago and say that she’s so inspired, and she really likes that I have a realistic approach to things– especially for college-aged girls,” Seghi said.

Seghi said her best advice to someone who is struggling with body image is to remember that uniqueness is beautiful.

“Everyone looks different because God made you that way, and you’re beautiful that way,” Seghi said.

Nikole Douglass, math education junior at Michigan State University, said while having Seghi as a roommate, she has constantly seen her working on the blog and doing research for her upcoming posts.

“She always tries to look at different articles or different trends,” Douglass said.

Douglass said Seghi’s body-positive posts are very important, because promoting being strong and healthy versus skinny is extremely essential.

“Being a 20-year-old woman in college, body image just overwhelms all of us,” Douglass said. “You have to love yourself before you can let any other person love you,”

Douglass said Seghi is very passionate about her blog, and her passion shows through by always helping others with any questions they might have.

“I always see her working on it, and going the extra mile,” Douglass said.

Lisa Prang, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Michigan, said she knows a little bit about the power of blogs.

“I think blogs are very effective– whether it be relating to someone on a personal level, discovering new trends, or gaining education, blogs are an amazing way to learn and grow a community,” Prang said.

Prang, who started blogging four years ago, said she remembers a defining moment where she realized how large of an influence her blog had on others.

“After I posted a look on my blog, two to three girls messaged telling me they bought the entire outfit I was wearing! I’ll always remember what outfit it was too–a striped maxi skirt and vintage graphic tee,” Prang said.

At over 19,000 followers on Instagram, Prang said she feels it is important for her, as well as other bloggers, to use their platforms to help viewers realize that everyone struggles with similar things, such as body positivity.

“It really resonates with their audience, and lets everyone know they are human, too,” Prang said.  


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