McDonald’s employee makes Grand Ledge a happier place

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Shepard loves her job at the McDonald's drive-thru window, and strives to make her customers smile.

Yvonne Shepard, 62, loves her job, and Grand Ledge loves her. Recently in the Grand Ledge Community Facebook group, a post was created in praise of Shepard and her positivity, singing and dancing and general happy demeanor, and that created a firestorm of comments commending and showering her with gratefulness.

Shepard works the morning shift at McDonald’s in Grand Ledge from 5-9 a.m., making it a tough job to interact with early risers. Early mornings usually call for some grumpy people just wanting their coffee, but Shepard makes sure she keeps her positive, cheerful attitude with everyone she comes across.

“I only have seconds to make my customers smile… and I can do it,” Shepard said. “Being an opener is not an easy job.”

“Yvonne is super friendly, happy, and always excited to see us in the morning. We’re honestly bummed when she isn’t working,” said Jennifer Sonnenberg, 42. “Her attitude is so infectious, I always drive away with a smile on my face.”

Shepard’s customers said they truly enjoy the few moments they spend with her in the morning.

“I think a personality like Yvonne’s has the power to change someone’s entire day,” said Brigitte Davis, 27. “When you’re greeted with happiness and cheer it has a way of lifting your spirits.”

Positivity and a great attitude can change the way someone looks at their day. Shepard said she does what she can to start off all of her customer’s days with a smile.

“All of my experiences with Yvonne have been positive,” said Katie Price, 40. “I see her weekly, if not more often. What really stands out about her most is that she remembers me when I come through the drive-through and I really believe she cares about her customers.”

Shepard is an avid believer of positivity.

“I believe that if more people in the world were just kind, the world would be ok,” said Shepard. “I really enjoy my job at McDonald’s and feel blessed everyday that I can do this job.”

As an uplifting message to Shepard who brings joy to so many and happiness in their mornings, Sonnenberg said, “Keep up the amazing job you do! Grand Ledge notably loves you.”

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