Cynthia’s near-death experience: Q&A

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Cynthia Lawson clinically died of a heart attack – vitals stopped, and doctors thought she was a gonner – until she came back to life, with a story to tell. In the cold moments when she flat-lined, Cynthia says she left her body and entered a dark tunnel, where she met angels, who shared a message with her. She also encountered an all-consuming bright light while she was dying.

Near-death experience commonalities: 

Did this really Did this really happen? Her story is known as a near-death experience and has been widely reported throughout the country regardless of religious background, ethnicity, age or gender. Many near-death experiences share commonalities.

While she was dead, Cynthia says she watched her body from above. She later recalled exactly what happened, play by play, in the hospital room where she died.

In her own words, Cynthia explains her experience.

Editor’s Note: Interviews have been edited for brevity – some parts were omitted for the sake of space. My interview with Cynthia lasted two hours so I have included parts that were most relevant to the questions I asked.



Q: Prior to having this experience, what was your religious background?

A: I was raised Lutheran, and I went to a Lutheran school until third grade. I was back again in Lutheran school in eighth grade. I went to church, I went to Catechism, I did all that. For me, religion holds you down. Organized religion, mostly. I think religion and spirituality are very different things. I think I am a spiritual person, but even more so now.

Q: You clinically died on the hospital table. You say you watched doctors work on your body after your heart stopped. What did they say?

A: My cardiologist came in [the next day in the hospital], he had the kindest, most gentle eyes … he looked at me, and he said ‘it is a miracle that you are here. I thought you were dead.’ I went to his office the next week, … I asked him when he came in, I said, ‘I have a question for you, I said was there a nurse or somebody on my left with a blue uniform on? And did she say ‘I’ll take compressions?’ And I said there was a man up top, and he said something ‘I’ll take compressions?” Did that happen? And he said yes.

Q: And you would not have known this because you were dead at that point?

A: I was dead. Dead. I was dead at that point. I was watching.

Q: Did you have a destination while you were traveling in the tunnel?

A: Not that I know of, I was just being sucked back at the speed of light.

Cynthia demonstrates what it looked like while she was sucked back in the tunnel

Q: What was the bright light like?

A: It was just huge. Huge. I can’t even describe it. And very, very bright.

Q: What do you think that was?

A: I don’t know but for some reason, even then, I thought, ‘this is, like, an inch deep’. And I didn’t go through it. I wonder if…I had gone through that light if I [would have] come back.

Q: Do you think you would’ve gone to heaven?

A: I don’t know. I wonder.

Q: You say you saw a man in blue jeans in the ambulance with you. Do you know who that was?

A: He was in the ambulance with me sitting on the opposite side, where he shouldn’t have been. I didn’t feel anything … he was gentle. He had hair like this (hair down to shoulders). It was like … he was from the ‘70s! It seems like he leaned forward and he said … well, I don’t remember.

Q: Did you feel like you met God or Jesus?

A: I was thinking about that. I was describing that man, I stopped and I thought about it and I thought, is that Jesus? He wasn’t comforting me, he was just kind of there. He wasn’t a threat in any way and I think maybe when I said the Lord’s prayer … He came. He heard me. Maybe, my soul wasn’t ready to go yet.

At one point, my microphone stops working. The batteries were at full power, but the sound was distorted. I ask Cynthia to stop so I can change the batteries.

Chloe: I’m going to change the batteries real quick.

Cynthia: I just heard about this the other day … people who go through this, they drain batteries.

Chloe: Really?

Cynthia: Computers, electronics, light bulbs will blow out because we are all energy, and it is very common, very, very common for electronics to malfunction. If you read through more (near-death experience stories), you will see or hear the same thing. Batteries go completely out.

Chloe: That is so bizarre! I’m sitting here, like, ‘I know these are new batteries, I don’t know what’s up!’

Cynthia: Sorry!

Q: How long did this whole experience feel to you?

A: I don’t know because it’s … there was no time. I know I saw the yellow light. I know I poked the yellow light. After all this, I don’t know what happens next. I just remember vividly I was able to lift my head up and somehow coming out (of my body). I think, this is my theory, when I was being sucked in the tunnel, I think that’s when I was jolted, when they gave me the defibrillator. That’s when things started beating the way it was supposed to. That’s when I was like “snapped” back in my body.

The angels told Cynthia she has many purposes to fulfill.

Q: Have you thought about what your purpose is?

A: I’ve wondered for years what my purpose is. I’ve thought about it before and I’ve thought about it since, and the one thing I am really good at is animals. I had friends and people tell me that your bond with animals is amazing. They’ve never seen anybody else like that. I want so badly to help people. I know I want to do that.

Q: The angels told you there is no time for hate. They told you needed to tell certain people that.

A: As I thought about that more, Chloe, at the time, I was having this debate with people on my Facebook page about the Muslims. I don’t personally believe we can condemn or hate a certain group of people, whoever they may be. There is no room for hate. We cannot hate somebody because of their religion or lack of. On Facebook, on the news, it just seems like everything is designed to separate us. We can’t be separated because you, me, that man over there that little girl, people in Indonesia … all across the globe … we are all connected … it’s all love. That’s what it boils down to. God loves all of us. No matter what we’ve done. It’s beautiful.

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