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How many times have you walked into a beauty store and couldn’t find the perfect fit of makeup made uniquely for you?

Beauty exclusivity in the cosmetic industry is an issue that many customers see regularly.

Heba Barakat, a beauty influencer of five years from East Lansing, feels that there is a need for brands to be expansive in their selection to support positive self expression.

Being able to find what you need in beauty allows individuals to express themselves and maybe be even more comfortable,” said Barakat.

Barakat said that although beauty comes from within, customers should be able to shop any beauty brand regardless of one’s skin type or tone.

I noticed that the L’oréal true match line has a bunch of foundation shades to choose from,” Barakat said.

Cassidy Major, a beauty consultant at Ulta Beauty in Fenton, Mich., said that brands like Clinique and Perricone offer inclusive skincare for every individual; regardless of their skin’s uniqueness.

“These brands do a good job with positive self image because they make the customer feel comfortable with themselves and being able to be true to them,”  Major said.

Major said women with very light or very dark skin often struggle to find a shade that matches them but that the brand Lancome can help.  

“They truly have a color for everyone and anyone,” Major said. Whether the customer is pale or dark skin- they will be able to find the perfect match with the Lancome foundation.”

Alyssa Space, a quality assurance lab technician at Metrex Research LLC, said that when brands aren’t expansive in their beauty selection, she feels forgotten.

“I feel personally attacked when I look for deeper shades in a foundation or lip color and all I have to choose from are nudes that don’t suit my soft brown skin but are geared towards lighter skin,” Space said.

Space said that the brand Maybelline is one of her favorite inclusive beauty lines.

“Although they can do a better job on expanding the darker end, I personally love their products,” Space said.  

Space said that she has a personal goal to create a beauty brand of her very own to help mend this issue in the industry.

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