Serving, protecting and giving back … in DeWitt

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The city of DeWitt is a fortunate one. Not only do they have their very own police department downtown, but fall under the jurisdiction of the DeWitt Charter Township police as well.

“DeWitt city is within the township, but it’s only the city limits they have their own police department and we have one as well,” said DeWitt Township officer, Trevin Bernat. “We have a wide variety of people in the community but for the most part, we are pretty well received.”

The official badge of the DeWitt Police Department

DeWitt Charter Township’s borders run north and south from Cutler Road to Sheridan Road, and east to west from Chandler Road to Airport Road. Nestled in the northeast corner of DeWitt Charter Township is the city of DeWitt itself.

Bruce Ferguson is the police chief in the city of DeWitt, and he knows how fortunate the city is to have two separate jurisdictions for the city, as he is a resident himself.

“I’ve lived in DeWitt for many years,” Ferguson said. “I know a lot of people and my kids went to school here. We try to make this truly some place where people feel safe and comfortable.”

For both Chief Ferguson and Officer Bernat, that responsibility of making people feel safe and comfortable starts with their work in the community.

“We don’t just talk about community policing, we do it,” Chief Ferguson said. “I attend all of the community functions and like being in the public as much as I can. I even have an open door policy that people can come in and see me as they wish.”

“I have been to pinewood derby’s to help out and judge the cars for local boy scouts,” Officer Bernat said. “I have been to Redeemer Church in DeWitt which was a nice little festival with a lot of first responders interacting and getting on a personal level with some of the people.”

For those living in the city of DeWitt, they truly feel like the police are doing a great job of giving back to the community as well.

Brian Bartlett is a resident of DeWitt, and believes that the police really care about the community as a whole.

I think that DeWitt PD do their jobs as they’re supposed to,” Bartlett said. “They make our city feel very safe and make it so DeWitt is a peaceful town. The DeWitt PD goes out of their way to interact in a positive not with the residents of the city.”

When asked about the community of DeWitt, Bartlett agreed that thanks to both police departments in charge of their city, they feel very secure.

“I feel extremely safe in DeWitt,” Bartlett said. “DeWitt PD are always driving around the city making sure that citizens are safe and that everyone is following the law.”

It’s no secret how closely knit the city of DeWitt is. It sits inside a township that also reflects the feeling of living in a good community. Chief Ferguson knows this as well, and that’s what he believes make it just as special.

“It’s a great community and I understand quality of life issues and that’s what keeps your community feeling safe,” said Chief Ferguson. “If people perceive themselves as safe, they’ll cooperate and be respectful. We take every crime we get into seriously and make sure we solve it for the folks of DeWitt.”

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