Not everyone thinks the Mason schools bond proposal is a no-brainer

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Voter Sticker

Nicole Bush

A rogue “I voted” sticker.

There are more than 6,000 registered voters in Mason’s three precincts, according to the Ingham County website. Those who went to the polls were asked to vote on the Mason schools bond proposal and while some residents see voting “yes” as a no-brainer, others feel differently.

According to a website for the bond, if the proposal passes $69.7 million would go to the district to “build stronger, smarter, safer schools.”

This would include “significant improvements to safety and security, technology, site circulation, HVAC and mechanical and facility upgrades at all of the district’s buildings as well as the purchase of new buses,” according to the website.

Voter gonna vote

Nicole Bush

Mason residents heading into city hall to vote.

Myrna Coxon, a former teacher in the Leslie school district, said she voted no on the issue.

“There was nothing for the teachers, again,” she said.

District voters also rejected a school bond request in 2016.

Coxon said she would like to see a more balanced approach. While the bond would be great for students, there are no provisions for the teachers.

You can’t give students new classrooms without good teachers, she said.

“Teachers make the difference,” said Coxon.

Voter at poll

Nicole Bush

A precinct inspector helps a voter at city hall. All three Mason precincts voted there.

Lance Pyle said he and his wife, Anita Pyle, both voted yes on the proposal.

Lance Pyle gave a resounding “yes,” repeating it multiple times for effect.

Anita Pyle said their kids went to Mason and now their grandkids go there.

They want to make sure their grandkids have a good school, she said.

Pat Hersey said she voted no.

She said taxes are already high and she doesn’t think they need to “spend quite that much.”

She said she would be more likely to vote yes on a bond proposal if it was for Williamston schools, where her grandkids go to school.

Inside precincts one and two

Nicole Bush

Inside precincts one and two in Mason City Hall just after the lunch hour.

Danielle Herman said she voted no. She doesn’t want taxes increased.

She’s also not too happy that Jackson National Life would get a tax abatement she would be paying for.

Rachel Herman said she also voted no and she shared Danielle Herman’s views.

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