MSU Students Present the 45th Annual Black Power Rally

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MSU students used their voices, theatrics, and dances to tell the community how they feel being black in America.

“We try to make sure that our message is conveyed in a way that it will move people to ignite change,” Black Student Alliance President Shanika Kidd said.

BSA vice president Sarah Fleming, recognizing the chaos over the past couple years, thinks the Black Power Rally can help the community solve some of the racial issues.

“I feel hopeless at times, but I also feel like we need to come together as a black community to do what we can to fight these issues,” Fleming said.

Racial tension has been constantly rising in the U.S.

“Today it’s really a lot of chaos going on and it’s really not okay,” Black Power Rally performer Amir Franklin said.

This year’s Black Power Rally Theme is “Aint Nothing Changed, But the Date.” Organizers say it’s because time has passed, but many racial issues have stayed the same.

“It basically shows that the stuff [we was going] happening 100 years ago is still relevant right now in today’s society,” BSA member-at-large Antione Taylor said.

President Lou Anna K. Simon was in attendance at the rally.

“It shows other administration that we’re not gonna stand for this, I know I keep saying that but we’re not gonna stand for racism on this campus.”

The presentation highlighted real-world adversity that black people face.

“This is more than just a theater act because though it’s theatrical and yes we’re showing our talents, but it’s meaning behind everything that we performed and everything that we did today,” Franklin said.

Moving forward black MSU students are looking for more ways to have their voices heard.

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