MSU students looking forward to Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and MSU students are ready for family time and their favorite home-cooked meals.

Journalism major Madison Loney said she is looking forward the most to being with her family and the Thanksgiving dinner.

“In my family my mom is the best cook she makes stuffing,” Loney said.

Media and information student Keiahna Dunbar-Reppuhn plans on staying home and working for the holiday.

“I’m just gonna go to the movies and make some turkey,” Dunbar-Reppuhn said. “It’s just me.”

MSU student Hannah Friend said she can’t wait to go home and eat some of her grandma’s favorite home-cooked holiday dish.

“She makes this really good casserole type thing with potatoes in it,” Friend said.

Senior Media and Information student Eugene Wilson says he can’t wait to just be at home and relax.

“Even though I have to do some studying and stuff, it’s a little different when you get to be at home,” said Wilson. “My family is pretty cool… we like to crack jokes a lot, so if something does happen that is like extreme someone will end up making a joke about it but not in a negative type of way.”

Arts and Humanities major Maddy Wheelock said she is the most excited about seeing her grandparents.

“They’re just really funny and old, and they have a lot of funny stories about their little life,” said Wheelock. “I like spending time with them and they’re really sweet.”

Education major Shanelle Napolean said how she’s excited to see a certain family member when she goes home.

“Well I have a baby cousin that I haven’t met yet,” said Napolean. “So I am looking forward to meeting him.”

Media and information major Bryan Susalla said he’s looking forward to seeing his family, pets and his great grandma’s recipe.

“My great grandma’s noodle recipe that we make from scratch and we knead the dough,”  said Susalla. “Let them hand out for a couple of hours and cook them in chicken broth.”






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