Mason shows spirit, downs Voyageur during homecoming week

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Senior class celebrates during homecoming pep assembly

Pep assembly, parade and football game headlined the events that took place for Mason High School in its annual homecoming week. From Oct. 9-14, the Bulldogs rallied for a week of fun and spirit, which wrapped up with a win against Voyageur College Prep, 43-6, and a dance to end the week.

Athletic director Greg Lattig said, “We’re here for each other. We help each other out. They take individuals under their wings. We have a community-based instruction program with special-needs kids that our school embraces. It carries over into everything, especially like a pep assembly or a homecoming week.”

Packing the gym during the pep assembly exemplified the togetherness. All students filled the bleachers, while the school band, and cheerleading team performed their routines. Soon after, students from each class competed in several games. Lastly, everyone joined at center-court to participate in a competition to see who can yell the school chant the loudest.

“We all participate in everything. It just makes it a better community around Mason,” said senior Kenny Stalzer, describing his favorite part of Mason.

Katherine Rochon, who is planning on majoring in computer science in college, described what it felt like to be on the homecoming court.

“It’s really amazing because I’m with amazing people. To represent such a great class is an honor. We spread out. We make sure to meet new people. I know everyone else does the same. Overall, I’ve met a lot of new people since school started,” Rochon said.

After the pep assembly, faculty, staff, students and alumni flooded the streets for the homecoming parade. The parade led up to the football game between the Bulldogs and Voyageur.

“Just to have a beautiful night for a high school event. Have our student section cheer, we’re hoping for a victory. We’re getting better each week,” said Lattig before the game. “So, just a good all-around night for our community to celebrate Mason.”

The Bulldogs dominated every aspect of the game, scoring early and often to down the Cougars by 37 points. The student section was lively. Seniors stood throughout their last homecoming game and hanged a banner to mark their territory.

Lattig said, “Just seeing the spirit. I mean, we show spirit throughout the year. Our kids wear Mason stuff every day but you know, when you do homecoming they take it to a whole other level and come together.”

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