Lansing Township ballot leads to low voter turnout

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Lansing Township voting booths saw a lower voter turnout this election than in previous elections due to the lack of proposals on the ballot.

The Lansing Township ballot had only one item up for vote, and it was related to an Ingham County millage which would allow the Township to raise taxes on residents. This ballot was short in relation to that of the City of Lansing, which was electing a new mayor.

The Lansing Township Clerk Susan Aten said she was not surprised by the low voter turnout.

“It’s hard to compare previous elections in general, you have to look at the type of election it is,” said Aten. “So for an election with just one question on the ballot, those usually draw a smaller turnout, and that’s what we’re seeing.”

For voters like Reba and Joseph Torongo, the lack of items on the ballot did not deter them from voting.

“We have participated in every election, all of them, how little or how big,” said Reba Torongo.

Reba and her husband Joseph Torongo both said they expected the voter turnout to be low on Tuesday because of the lack of proposals on the ballot.

“I think it’s gonna be very low,” said Joseph Torongo.  “I don’t think people are too much interested in the proposal, that’s my opinion.”

Reba and Joseph Torongo arrived to vote at Precinct Two before noon.

“These off-election times the turnout is generally very small,” said Reba Torongo. “I mean here it is nearly noon and I was number 31. That’s terrible, when you consider how many people are able to vote.”

Voter Douglas Clark said he was disappointed at how few people came to vote.

“It’s been much lighter,” said Clark. “Probably because it’s just the one thing to vote for is gonna limit people who are coming, even though it’s based upon the bills going on.”

Clark said that, despite there only being one proposal on the ballot, people should still come out to vote as each proposal is important to the community.

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