It’s time to pick up leaves in DeWitt

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City of DeWitt

City of DeWitt City Hall

Every fall, the community of DeWitt partake in the Fall Leaf Pick Up Program.

The Fall Leaf Pick Up Program is a citywide program that begins each year with a city wide sweep in early October and will continue until the final week of November.

Even though it is not a mandatory program, however it’s encouraged for community members to get involved.

If residents are looking to burn their leaves instead of leaving them on the curb of your house, it’s prohibited. The City’s Fire Prevention Code prohibits the open burning of grass clippings and leaves.

If a resident does burn their leaves or clippings, it is a municipal civil infraction and tickets can be issued by our City Police Department if someone is in violation of this Fire Code.

Hunsaker said: “Generally, if the city receives a complaint our fire department will respond and tell the resident to put out the fire. There are fines in the ordinance, but I am not aware of an instance when someone has refused to comply with the warning.”

DeWitt resident Eric Williams’ family always participates in the Fall Leaf Pick Up Program.

Williams said: “It might sound corny but my family and I have a lot of fun picking up the leaves. All we have to do is spend a few hours raking up the leaves and putting them on our curb. We don’t even have to throw away anything, it’s being done for us.”

DeWitt residents are a participating resident in DeWitt, there are some rules that you should follow.

DeWitt city Administrator Assistant Teresa Bevier said: “Leaves must be street side no later than 7 a.m. on the Monday of the scheduled week. Leaves must be un-bagged. You cannot put leaves out that include garden trash, lake leaves, boards, sticks, rocks and other items that would prevent the leaf vacuum from easily sucking up leaves in their piles.”

This program gives the residents of DeWitt a chance for an easy way to have the leaves picked up. After the leaves are picked up, the City of DeWitt Department of Public Services deposits the collected leaves and they are stored where they are turned into compost for city resident use in the spring.

Councilman Dave Hunsaker said in regard to the curb side pick up: “Our curbside Leaf Pick Up Program is easier for residents than heaving leaves to a recycle site, cheaper than hiring a contractor, and a relief to neighbors suffering from asthma like my wife and me.”

Bevier added: “Residents find this service to be very helpful to them. They like that the city provides them a way to dispose of tree leaves without having to bag them.”

This city program proved an easy way for residents to clean up their leaves. If residents want to keep track of the leaf collection process, look on under the tab line “Where Are They?” Leaf map

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