In off-year election, voters address mayoral candidates, concerns about water quality

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Voter turnout in Grand Ledge was slow, but expected, considering there was not much on the ballot, said City Clerk Gregory Newman.

Newman said turnout on an off-year is typically between 10-15 percent of the approximately 6,000 people in the city who are registered to vote.

“It’s been going off without a hitch,” said Newman on Election Day.

Voters expressed interest in the mayoral race between incumbent Kalmin Smith, who has been reelected, and Michael Coll. Several mentioned concerns about water quality, including Kevin Shaw, who recently moved into the area.

Resident Kerri Gallagher said she wanted a different mayor to increase transparency in the local government.

Rachel Buffenbarger said she also wanted new leadership. Her primary issue was with the water quality, namely the cost and hardness.


“We pay enough,” said Buffenbarger. “We’d like to have better quality water.”

Eric Moore said he went to the polls out of patriotism.




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