Groovy Donuts promotes fresh products and customer relations

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From retro décor, to old-school records lining the walls, the Groovy Donut shop enters its third year in business while continuing to strengthen customer relations and their reputation for their distinct brand of freshly baked donuts.

Groovy Donuts manager Rachel Craner said since being established in 2015, Groovy Donuts has found success through strengthening their relationship with regular customers.

“Most of the employees here are from Williamston, which helps with knowing familiar faces that come in,” Craner said. “Our success relies heavily on our regulars. Some come in every week for a dozen donuts, and others come in every morning for a donut and a coffee, but either way we find ways to strengthen those relationships.”

Manager Rachel Craney helps a customer ordering a dozen donuts.

According to Craner, Groovy Donuts finds success through promotions and their ability to produce fresh and unique products.

“All of our coffee is made from Bloom Coffee Roasters, a brewery in Old Town Lansing,” Craner said. “In addition to our special coffee blends, we also have donuts that are made fresh every morning.”

Craner said that donuts are made at the store’s other location, in East Lansing, and delivered freshly every morning at 6 a.m.

Groovy Donuts contains old-school and and retro decor to accommodate to their name and style.

“Our top sellers this fall have been the fritters which come in apple, blueberry, maple-bacon and cherry,” Craner said. “We have businesses in the community that come and get those every morning such as the pharmacy and Joey’s Pet Store in downtown.”

According to Craner, Groovy Donuts has also grown in sales and customer support through new promotions.

“Right now it is $10 for a dozen donuts after 3 p.m.,” Craner said. “Also on Nov. 11 we are offering a free 16 ounce coffee for all veterans and active duty servicemen and women to honor their service in the community.”

Craner said that the shop also attracts customers beyond Williamston.

Bloom Coffee Roasters of Lansing supplies Groovy Donuts with special blends made in their brewery to sell to customers.

“Saturdays have been extremely busy this fall because people stop here on their way to East Lansing for football games,” Craner said. “This has helped us with making sales and also expanding our name to customers beyond just Williamston.”

Williamston resident Mari Garry loves the freshness of the donuts.

“Most places you go to these days carry frozen donuts that sit over night and don’t taste very fresh,” Garry said. “Groovy Donuts always has products that are consistently fresh, which is why I chose to go there over other places.”

Garry says that the shop also has a variation of things to choose from on their menu.

“I actually purchased their donut birthday cake for my niece this year,” Garry says. “That’s a popular thing on their menu along with my favorites which are the bear claw and sour-cream donuts.”

Williamston resident Joab Hatfield similarly loves the shop for its donut-based cake called the Funky Hubcap.

“The hubcap is a giant donut cake and it’s awesome,” Hatfield said. “It’s made from a large raised yeast donut with glaze on top- my friends and I split an entire one once and it was great.”

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