Soldan’s Pet Supplies prides itself on customer service

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Max Holden

Storefront of Soldan’s Pet Supplies. Photo by Max Holden

With a wide variety of big box stores and local pet businesses in the area, where is the best place to go for our four-legged friends? Meg Bashore, the store manager of Soldan’s Pet Supplies believes she knows the answer.

“We’ve been family owned and operated for 62 years, we just celebrated [62 years], we like to think that our customer service, our vast knowledge, and our community history sets us apart from our competitors,” Bashore said.

Keys to company success come from the heart of the employees, providing friendly service and knowing how to handle anything that walks through their front doors according to staff. As explained by Bashore, this place is much more than just a business.

“Working here really makes you feel like you are part of a close knit family, I’ve been here for 13 years and it’s great,” Bashore said, “I see the president of the company walking around in here often, I feel like that never happens at the bigger box stores, we just have a very tight group dedicated to our customers.” 

In addition to the customer service working for it, Soldan’s has made sure to have products that one typically would have a hard time finding at a chain pet store.

“We have certain foods that big box stores have a hard time getting,” Bashore said, “We try to get things that are local and Michigan made, treats and other things that are produced very close to our location. We set ourselves apart by having not only a good variety of goods but also having very high quality products for your pets.” 

Customers would agree with Bashore’s statements, noting the quality of the products that Soldan’s has to offer.

“My dog absolutely loves the treats they have here, I like the naturally made products so much better than the basic dog treats you would find somewhere like Petsmart,” said Madison Nicole, an Okemos resident with 2 dogs.

“I can’t find treats or food like this anywhere else, this place is fantastic.” Nicole said as she strode into the storefront.

“Bruce loves the treats I get for him here, he goes through them faster than me with a cherry pie,” said George White with a chuckle as he got ready to go into the store, his furry companion Bruce reciprocating the happiness from the passenger seat of his pickup truck.

In addition to the products offered at Soldan’s, there is also a self service dog wash available to customers.

Soldan's Pet Supplies

Advertisement for Soldan’s upcoming Bark-Tober Fest.

In light of the upcoming Halloween season, Soldan’s is holding “Bark-tober Fest” featuring festive treats including dog beer and pretzels, schnitzel, and some german chocolate for the humans. There will also be a dog “yodeling” contest and costume contest. A five dollar suggested donation per dog to benefit local rescue groups is also going to be offered during the event on Oct. 22, from 12-5 p.m.

For more information on this store or the events going on, visit:

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