Shawhaven farm provides fall fun and new scare events

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Madison Loney

Tami Shaw with one of her lambs.

Shawhaven Farm offers a variety of events that make Halloween enjoyable for the whole family. Tami and Doug Shaw own Shawhaven Farm which has been operated since 1947. No matter what season it is, Shawhaven Farm has something for everyone and that is what makes them so unique.

Tami Shaw said that it all started with their love for Halloween.

“We both love Halloween, and the first year we were married he told me that he always did wagon rides for the neighbors,” said Tami Shaw. “That year I said, ‘Well, why don’t we decorate the barn and we can do a little haunted house for kids?”

“Well the kids had so much fun they kicked out the parents and set it up to scare the parents. I said ‘we could do this,’ so the next year we started with a haunted barn and a wagon ride and it has just grown from there.”

Shawhaven offers numerous halloween events such as an 8-acre corn maze, more than two dozen varieties of pumpkins, fun valley activities which provide games for all and many haunted events. They are only open on the weekends, and the pumpkin patch, fun valley and corn maze is open during the day, while haunted events are at night. There is a corn maize available at night with a flashlight.

“This year, the haunted house is a retirement home for the dead or, as I say, ‘better our house than yours,’” said Tami Shaw.

People from all over come to experience the farm and festivities.

Liz Jenness, an MSU student, shared her experience at Shawhaven Farm and how excited she is to return this fall.

“I thought it was a great place for a date because they have a number of attractions,” said Jenness. “I really enjoyed the haunted hayride and haunted corn maze. The actors are committed to the characters and the decorations are well done. The guys with chainsaws got me for sure.”

Tami Shaw describes how fun it is to see people enjoying her favorite holiday.

“I love Halloween. It is so fun scaring people and to have so many other people enjoy the Halloween events,” said Tami Shaw. “It’s just a lot of fun.”

Brianna Lound, a Mason resident, describes how pleased she is with the friendly staff at Shawhaven Farm.

“They are very good at interacting with people and creating a fun environment. They’re good with not scaring people too bad if they can tell they’re not very good with scariness. I went to school with the people who work there,” said Lound. “All in all, they’re good people.”

Halloween is not the only season that Shawhaven Farm is known for. Around Christmas, the farm is decorated with more than 100,000 lights synced with music, and a wagon ride around the farm is offered. The lamb festival is held in April. The farm owns 105 sheep. During the second and third week of April, the farm is opened for people to come and see the sheep. There are many learning experiences offered such as how wool is made and opportunities to interact with the animals.

During the first week in April, the Shaws have just started doing a maple syrup festival for their third year now. An all you can eat breakfast is offered as well as a walking trail to the woods to learn how maple syrup is made from the trees. They also have other animals such as chickens, miniature donkeys, cattle, turkeys, and more for people to learn about and interact with.

“We don’t have much time to rest,” said Shaw.

Shawhaven Farm is available for school tours with a reservation. For more information, visit its website to make a reservation for your group. It is open Friday 7-10 p.m., Saturday noon to 10 p.m. and Sunday 1-7 p.m. These hours are only throughout October and may change with seasons.

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