Rebecca Brunner’s musical voyage takes her through NBC’s The Voice

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Courtesy of Rebecca Brunner

Rebecca Brunner, a Mason native.

Rebecca Brunner, a Mason native, recently sang on NBC’s The Voice, which is in season 13 this fall. Brunner made it to the second night of the battle rounds before being eliminated.

Looking back on her journey, Brunner says the experience was indescribable.

“There was a lot of ups and downs, but overall it was the best days of my life,” said Brunner. “I got to live in LA with people who became my family. This experience is something that I will never forget. I am so thankful to have worked with Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts and meet all the celebrity coaches and production involved. Crazy, amazing, wild experience to say the least.”

It all started when Brunner was just 5 years old. She said it began when she sang in her 1st grade talent show at Alaiedon Elementary School. She sang songs by Hilary Duff and Alicia Keys.

“Alicia Keys is my biggest idol to this day,” said Brunner.

She began by playing piano at 8 and started songwriting at 10. When she was 18, she decided to pursue music full time and attended Columbia College in Chicago, working for a music degree. She graduated in May.

“I felt like I was born to do it,” said Brunner. “I knew that was what God wanted.”

Angie Cena, a Mason resident and Grand Valley State University alumni, has known Brunner for a long time and describes how happy she is to see how far she has come.

“I’ve known Becca for 18 years, so to see where she is now and then look back to where she started is still so surreal to me,” said Cena. “From watching her blow us away at every school talent show growing up all the way to performing on national television, she’s definitely someone our whole community has always been proud of and will continue to support.”

Mason resident Sydney Haag is also so happy to see Brunner in the spotlight.

“It’s super cool someone from such a small town is getting so much recognition,” said Haag. “And the community gathers together and it’s such a cool thing.”

Brunner looks back on her experience and recalls what has been most rewarding throughout her journey.

“Having the chance to work with amazing people,” said Brunner. “There’s so many talented people, so networking is most rewarding and meeting new people.”

Brunner is now living in Chicago where she is pursuing music full time. She is performing gigs and working on a CD coming out soon. For information and to follow her journey, her website can be found at She is also on social media platforms such as: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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