MSU football players react to National Anthem protests

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On Sept. 24, more National Football League teams than ever had silent protests during the the National Anthem.

Every NFL team but one was on the field before the game, at least in part to protest President Donald Trump’s remarks about “firing players” who do not stand for the anthem.

The sole team that was not on the field Sunday for the anthem was players for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who stayed in their tunnel until it was over.

“Not being out on the field is disrespectful,” MSU junior defensive end Dillon Alexander said. “If someone wants to stand, kneel or have a fist up to support what you believe in, then go ahead and exercise your right.”

The Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand chose to kneel for a short moment before the anthem. Owner Jerry Jones and the players decided they would then stand for its entirety.

MSU redshirt Freshman Noah Davis said, “I like what Dallas did last weekend when they kneeled right before the anthem was played. That’s all I wanted to see, and the Cowboys did exactly that.”

We have yet to see the anthem protests reach the collegiate football level, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. MSU junior guard David Beadle said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened in college. Not to the level of what is happening in the NFL, but I can definitely see certain players and teams taking part in that.”

Although more and more teams are using their right to kneel during the National Anthem, many MSU players said has never been a topic of discussion within the team. “The thought of one of us ever doing it has never been in our minds. Our entire focus right now is on winning football games,” said senior lineman Jeremy Schram.

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