Hall of Justice celebrates anniversary with food and friends

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Kameron Goodwill

A celebration for the Michigan Hall of Justice’s 15th anniversary had a surprising turnout for the organizers, vendors, and guests that attended the event on Oct.06.

The hall was celebrated with food trucks parked out in front of the building, serving employees and other guests from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Laura Stoken, the Manager of Constituents for the Office of the Governor, said the event was a testament of the love and support for the people that work in the building.

“We’re here to support the Hall of Justice and congratulate them on [the] 15th anniversary of occupying this gorgeous building,” Stoken said.

The Michigan Hall of Justice is the headquarters for the state’s judicial branch of government, having courtrooms for the Michigan Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.

Lynn Seaks, the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Michigan Supreme Court, said there were more people than they had anticipated.

“We have a lot of people that retired, new faces, so it’s good to celebrate the legacy of the building,” Lynn said.

Seaks said the event took two  months for preparation, including contacting the vendors through the Farmers Market.

The food trucks available at the event included Eaton Good, The Smoke N’ Pig, Pie Hole Pizza Truck, From Scratch, and Clinton “the Hotdog Guy” Tarver.



Carlos Vasquez, a worker for Eaton Good, said the event went extremely well and
that they ran out of food during the day.

“Sometimes we make more than this, but we did not know how many people would be here,” Vasquez said.

Mary Torok, from The Smoke N’ Pig, said the event “was extremely successful.  Lots of people, lots of business for us.”

Cathy Weitzel, the Training and Development Specialist with the Michigan Judicial Institute, set up the audiovisual parts of the event with the committee including creating a slideshow showing off pictures from the construction of the building that began in 1999 along with modern pictures.

Weitzel also said she was surprised at the turnout, as people from the Michigan State Capitol, Lansing Library, Constitution Hall and others came out for the event.

“We didn’t know if the workers from the other state building would come or not because of the distance,” said Weitzel.

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