‘Go Green, Go 15’ campaign coming to campus

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In an effort to get Michigan State students to graduate within four years and to inevitably save money, a new initiative is underway to make this possible.

It’s called the “Go Green, Go 15” campaign.

The idea behind it is that students are encouraged to take 15 credits per semester instead of 12 credits, which would put them on a five year plan instead of four.

Due to time slots on Fridays not being used to their full advantage, the plan is to break many general education courses offered into shorter class periods onto a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule, instead of the normal Monday-Wednesday.

The MSU Board of Trustees and many other faculty members, including Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education R. Sekhar Chivukula, have been teaming up to make this campaign a reality and suggests that students should find out what’s best for them in order to stay on track during their time at Michigan State.

“Our real goal is that students should talk with an advisor and get a realistic sense of how they can plan their college career to be able to graduate; hopefully within four years.” Chivukula said.

Education major Hanna Anderson thinks that the campaign may not be ideal, but would be worth it in the long run.

“Having more Friday classes won’t be as fun, but I think it’s definitely manageable because I’m used to that in high school,” Anderson said.

The “Go Green, Go 15” is not being enforced, but instead is highly recommended.


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