Color Cruise festival draws crowd of all ages

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Sunny skies and warm weather graced one day of the Color Cruise and Island Festival in Grand Ledge on Friday, Oct. 13.

The festival is organized by the Grand Ledge Chamber since 1980.

The festival was cancelled on Saturday due to inclement weather, but was open again Sunday with shorter hours.

“It’s a joy to see all the older people and the children,” festival attendee Ann Clark said.

Riverboat tours, pumpkin painting, candle making and more kept people of all ages entertained during the festival.

“It’s very family orientated,” worker Rhonda Jones said. “I love it. I love coming down and working on the boat.”

One of the attractions was the Sanford Brigade of Voyagers, which is recreates old-time settlements with live actors set in the 1700’s.

“I do this to get away from all the stress and how fast life goes,” actor Marci Halsey said. “Everything is so fast now and this is a way to slow it down.”

Dennis Foust was working the apple cider press and the corn sheller, for the third year in a row.

“The kids are the best part, the enjoyment they get,” Foust said.

The steamboat tours were the most popular part of the festival.

“I really like the ship because you can see all the colors,” Lucas Cadwell, age 8, said.

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