Brewery wants to make impact in downtown DeWitt

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Photo courtesy of Looking Glass Brewery

The entrance of the brewery

Looking Glass Brewing Company is looking to be the next big thing in downtown DeWitt. Co-owners Joel Dillingham and Lee Streeter, who are big fans of the craft beer industry, expects the brewery to open in December of this year. Looking Glass Brewing is taking over the historic Mount Hope Church that has been vacant for several years. Along with being the co-owner, Streeter is also the head brewer for the company. 

Dillingham and Streeter came up with the name of their brewery by looking at his surroundings in DeWitt.

“At first, my employees and I liked the name of the river going through DeWitt Looking Glass River but after we walked through the vacant church with the incredible stained glass it confirmed the name of our brewery,” said Dillingham.

There were many factors why Dillingham and Streeter decided to open their brewery in downtown DeWitt.

“The reason we chose downtown DeWitt is that we love the charm and popularity that Bad Brewing Company brought to downtown Mason as well as the convenience to all local residents that are within walking distance,” said Dillingham. “This location provides steady traffic, loyalty and mug club clients regardless of the weather. Our model is selling craft beverages by the glass at the brewpub, so having clients that are nearby will ensure that you always have guests coming in.”

Dillingham assured that there wouldn’t only have beer on tap. It will be offering wine, cider, mead, and two non-alcoholic beverages. As for the food portion of the menu, they’re going to serve homemade appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and dinner platters that focus on meat pairings with their beers on tap.

Daniel Coss, the city administrator of DeWitt said he couldn’t be any happier that Looking Glass Brewing Co. is opening up in his city.

Coss said, “The brewery will be a great addition to downtown. The brewery will provide another option for visitors to downtown, compliment the other existing restaurants and help make downtown a destination location.”

The state of Michigan is fifth in the U.S. in the number of breweries. With help from cities like Grand Rapids and Traverse City, is known to be a popular beer destination and DeWitt is looking to contribute.

Craft breweries can impact the U.S. economy positively. A study conducted by the Brewers Association, highlighted the impressive statistic that the craft brewing industry contributed more than $55 billion to the U.S. economy. Not only do craft breweries help the economy but they also create jobs.

Many factors play into why breweries are such an economic success. Some of the factors include it helps that a brewery is located in a destination area of the city, is in walking distance where people live, that it has consistently good food, and, of course, that it serves delicious craft beers.

According to Dillingham, by the time the brewery opens, the project will cost over $700,000. The good news is that breweries are known to turn a profit early on.

If you’re looking for a new taste of craft beer, head to Looking Glass Brewing Co. and join the community of DeWitt. They are located at 115 N Bridge St. right across from The Crafted Bean and Sweetie-licious.

Location of the brewery

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