30-year teacher set to receive career award

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Courtney Pasek

Kristine Brickey sits at her desk talking to me.

In her first year as a second-grade teacher at Mason Public Schools, Kristine Brickey was never expecting to receive such an award.

But fast-forward 30 years and she has established a creative writing class for students, been a part of the Red Cedar Project and has published two books. She takes one final journey and is teaching her final 160 kids and will be retiring at the end of the school year.

Brickey was nominated for the Michigan Council of Teachers of English Middle School Teacher of the Year for 2017 by her peers and won.

“It is a powerful award to receive,” said Brickey, “It’s such a huge honor to speak at the conference and receive the award from people I really admire.”

“My friends kept asking me random yes/no questions and if they could have my resume ‘for her class’ and I never thought anything of it,” Brickey said.

The criteria for this award are:

  • Creates a caring, respectful learning environment
  • Uses various innovative teaching methods
  • Demonstrates the ability to meet the needs of middle-level learners
  • Has the respect and admiration of colleagues and students
  • Are a member of MCTE and has taught for 10+ years
  • Provides service to the profession through leadership, presentations or publications

Courtney Pasek

Brickey has a small library for her students to expand the love of books.

Brickey wanted to establish the love and enjoyment of writing and reading in her students throughout her years at Mason. “I want them to enjoy and push themselves,” said Brickey, “I tell them, ‘your words have the power the change the world,’ and that is a very powerful thing.”

Brickey loves teaching so she can make a connection with her students. “Not every day is the same, even the hours aren’t the same,” chuckled Brickey, “It is a combination of students and they each bring a different aspect to the lesson that day.”

Brickey is to be honored at the group’s annual conference on Oct. 20 at the Kellogg Center

You can visit her website to purchase and explore her books as well as see her upcoming events.

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