Lansing residents talk about their city

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“There’s almost always something to do here and free. Lansing is blooming right now, during the summer the Lansing city parks were very popular for their concerts and events.”

Nancy Heldt, Elementary School Cafeteria Employee.



“Lansing is a city on the cusp of serious change… changing demographics, changing economic drivers, changing political characteristics.”

Dr. Bryan Beverly, Research Assistant and Coordinator of the Fellowship of Instructional Leaders with MSU’s College of Education, Office of K-12 Outreach and Lansing School Board member.


“We have a lot of diversity here in Lansing. It’s not like on the outskirts where it’s not diverse. Here it’s very diverse. I’ve been here all my life so I’ve seen lots of things. The best thing to know is that we have great people, we have a really awesome community.”

Rodney Cameo,51, Owner of Capital Cities Scoops



“There’s lots of wonderful things to do around here. There is no shortage of cultural things to do. It is a very inclusive and diverse community. The political environment could be improved. One thing that is going on now, that I think is important, is they are working on gathering signatures now for a ballot issue for changing the way that we draw congressional and state legislators’ districts in Michigan.”

Gary Ferris, 64, Retired


“People in Lansing should know more about the culture diversity, MSU brings so many ethnicities here. I mean, inter-communication is needed here.”

Amsmaa Ali, Junior Medical Science Student. 



“People here are somewhat below poverty. I think this might be a story idea. Related to the economics, MSU distributes a lot to the whole city and community. ”

Ayomide Odedeyi,  graduate student & Teaching Assistant. 



“The only issue I dislike is with the school district they’re not very supportive. I have four kids that go to Lansing schools, they weren’t so supportive with taking care of bullying. It’s been hard to get into contact with the director they always give you runarounds, and excuses why they can’t call you back or why they are not in. So far it’s been okay…”

Dnashuba Baker, Lansing mother of four.



“This is a very tight knit community. You can’t go a block without running into someone you know. There’s this feeling of comreadery in this city. That everyone in the community is looking out for each other. Trying to build this city for the better.”

Vanessa Jennings, security guard. 



“Japanese food here is not really good here, actually. The true Japanese food does not taste like that.”

Summer Lee, sophomore advertising student.

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