Young entrepreneur thriving in new investment

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“Live life abundantly” has always been a slogan of Rhondell Brown which he always stood by.

Brown, who is now 26 years old, always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He has one established business already called Diligent Destinations which is a personal car driving service but now he has ventured into a new business.

Life Juice Bar and Café is Brown’s newest business that he started back in December of 2016. Brown has always been “juicing” which is making all-natural juice with fruits and vegetables from his juice extractor machine.

“I’ve been juicing for about four years now and I finally thought why not make it a business,” said Brown. “So one day I drew out a thoroughly thought out plan and began to flush out my ideas.”

Brown’s business is placed in Meridian Mall in Okemos, Mich. at a kiosk in front of Planet Fitness. He opened the kiosk in March of 2017 but while he still has his kiosk he does have catering and personal deliveries. His Kiosk features drinks, salads, and fruit cups. Brown’s business, Life Juice Bar and Café is thriving more than ever and still gaining ore clientele every day.

But the true story is how did Brown bring this vison to life. For about five years Brown has served as a personal assistant and driver to motivational speaker Eric Thomas. While on the road a lot Brown would make all-natural beet juice for Thomas to keep him energized and healthy while traveling.

Thomas had the juice at least once a day and while traveling and speaking at his engagements he would say it’s the Gazelle juice that keeps him energized referring to the beet juice. From that point Brown received high demand and request to try his juice and was inspired to start a business.

“Going into the business I had to sit down and right out all of my expenses,” said Brown. “Like if I’m going to purchase another juicer, the amount of fruits and vegetables, t-shirts, stickers, bottles, containers, signs, etc. I had to think I’m going to take out a loan or would I come out of my own pocket to start my business.”

Brown decided to take a loan out for $5,000 to help put down a deposit for his kiosk and get some necessary equipment such as another juicer, containers, bottles and merchandise.

“I spend about $100 in fruit and vegetables a day,” said Brown. “That’s the current amount I’m at right now but the way things are looking my budget for fruit and veggies will be going up soon.”

Though Brown’s kiosk is having great business his next move of investment is actually owning a restaurant within the next year.

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