The easiest way to make money: online

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EBay's featured items always have high quality photographs of the item.

Selling things has never been easier with the help of the Internet. EBay, Craigslist, and Amazon are just a few of the websites that allow people to easily sell their unwanted items.

The Craigslist homepage lets its user choose from a variety of categories.

“I sell things online to make a little extra money,” said Jack Culp, an EBay user. “[Selling things online] is a lot easier than having a yard sale or going to a pawn shop.”

Even though selling things online is easier than other methods, there are still some strategies to selling items online.

“I price things a little high purposefully, because I have not had one person who does not want to negotiate and offers lower than the asking price. If I make the starting point higher, the negotiated price tends to be higher too,” said Stephen Charles, a Craigslist user.

But even making the price a little higher doesn’t always help.

“People always negotiate because they want to feel like they are getting a deal. Most of the time I end up getting a little less than I would like, but the priority for me is to move stuff out of my home without giving things away,” said Charles.

Fortunately, making the price higher isn’t the only strategy when selling items online.

“I always make sure to take nice photographs of the things I am selling. If the item looks nice in the photograph, people are more willing to spend money on it,” said Culp.

EBay’s featured items always have high quality photographs of the item.

Other people even started to use social media to sell things online.

“Every once in a while I will use Facebook to sell some clothes I don’t want anymore,” said Grace Aaron, a Facebook user. “Facebook has pages now that are only used when you want to sell something. It’s very convenient.”

Aaron uses pages such as MSU Craigslist and Free and For Sale on Facebook to sell her unwanted clothes.

“Selling things online is a super easy way to make money, even when I don’t get as much money as I was hoping to get for a particular item,” said Aaron.

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