Summer work instead of enjoying summer

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Photo By TJ Morris

Logan Essig waits for golfers to finish golfing with rag in hand ready to clean clubs.

For students, the summer is a time they get to enjoy their time off from school. It’s a time where they can enjoy the beach or lake and hang out with friends without having to worry about homework.

“I’d be doing my own thing alone, or being at the beach a lot more,” said Harbor Shores employee Alex Breyen.

Photo By TJ Morris

Logan Essig waits for golfers to finish golfing with a rag in hand ready to clean clubs.

But for some students, they have to sacrifice the summer and the fun that comes with it if they want money. Many students are forced to work summer jobs instead of enjoying the summer in order to earn money. Sometimes multiple days of the week only leaving a few days to relax mentioned Harbor Shores Golf course employee Logan Essig.

“I usually work 3 or 4 times a week,” said Essig.

This sacrifice is something Essig says he is okay with making because he knows he has responsibilities.

“I needed money to pay for gas, golf stuff, and other basic necessities,” said Essig

While most students are working for minimum wage, Essig gets a little extra working at a golf course.

“In tips, I have made $150 in a day before but it’s usually like $50 a day, then plus minimum wage,” said Essig.

Working during the summer helps students save for various different things. Essig mentioned he’s saving for new golf clubs but fellow Harbor Shores employee Breyen said his money is going towards something more serious.

“I’m saving for college, my car and car payments,” said Breyen.

Although summer jobs may seem terrible for students there is a benefit besides the money. Harbor Shores outside services manager, Raheem Hasan, thinks that the students benefit a lot working at the golf course during the summer.

“I think it’s very beneficial. They get the opportunity to get work experience and also gain some responsibility,” said Hasan.

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