Price vs. quality: what influences where we shop for groceries

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Money can have a big impact on not only what we eat but also what stores we choose to buy our food from. Some people place a priority on the quality of food while others on pricing of food.

Quality seems to be most important when it comes to wife and mother of two, Crystal Oweis. When it comes to quality and organics, Oweis is willing to go out of her way and spend a little more for her family.

“Whole Foods has a lot of organic things there and I’ll go to Kroger for cheaper, everyday items,” said Oweis. “But yes I do go out of my way for Whole Foods because there is not one by my house but no matter what the prices I will go there.”

For Enza LoChirco, she emphasizes not only quality but convenience as well. “I wouldn’t go to 5 different stores to find the cheapest eggs,” said LoChirco. “I’d just grab them wherever I’m at if I’m out.”

Nancy Klei, wife and mother of 3

LoChirco says she usually shops at a local Italian market or Kroger. However to save money and time, she turns to Costco for paper products and bulk items, finding it more efficient.

Nancy Klei chooses to shop where she can get the most bang for her buck, all while getting fresh produce. Kroger is her go to grocery story and one of her biggest reasons is to earn fuel points.

“Prices are very important to me and I feel that Kroger is very competitive,” said Klei. “Kroger is very close to my home but even if it wasn’t and there was a good deal going on, I would go out of my way for it.”

She also mentions that she feels she is getting the same quality she would from a Whole Foods at Kroger but with better prices.

When comparing Whole Foods and Kroger, Kroger had more weekly specials. Cherries at Whole Foods would be $2.99 per pound this week. At Kroger, they would be $1.88 per pound.

Mission Statements and Values of Whole Foods and Kroger

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