CHARTS: College costs and its’ effects on students

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“College costs have caused a lot of stress and confusion in my life. I went to college to get an education that
would allow me to have a career, but the career I am pursuing will not allow me to pay off college costs any time
soon. This makes me want to go to school for more education in order to make more money and pay off my debt
sooner, but then I will just end up having more college costs to pay off. Do I stay with the bachelor’s degree I have and try to pay off my college costs with a teaching job, or get my master’s and try to pay off six years of college with a different degree and a job that is higher paying? I think about it all the time and question if I chose the right degree, knowing teachers don’t make a lot of money and that I will be in debt for a while. I hate feeling this way because teaching is my passion, but financial problems create a lot of stress. I am still trying to figure it out, but I just wish college costs were much more reasonable so I wasn’t so confused and could happily pursue the career I love.” -Haley Smythe, Elementary Special Education

In-State Tuition Costs



Out-Of-State Tuition Costs



Books and Other Supplies



Room and Board



Total In-State Expenses



Total Out-Of-State Expenses



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