To travel widely, first you must save frequently, spend lightly

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Cierra Pryor

Porcha's Passport and her booklet

Porcha Lipsey is a junior at Columbia College Chicago, a performing arts school in downtown Chicago. She has had the great opportunity to travel throughout her years but thinks it is quite important to travel while still a student.

Lipsey has visited the majority of the states and cities but loves to travel abroad at least once a year. She recommends that every young person who is open to learn and see the world should invest in traveling. She has invested time and money into planning her trips throughout the year.

Cierra Pryor

Porcha’s Passport and her passport case that was a gift saying “On The Road Again.”

Lipsey budgets for these trips by working three jobs in the summer when she is back at home. One of her jobs is at Michigan State University as event security, her second is at a local learning center in Lansing, and third at Phantom Fireworks.

“Working three jobs can seem overwhelming but I love to travel and sight-see. Depending on the destination determines how I budget my money,” said Lipsey.

Lipsey tries to save 20-25 percent of her earnings for travel. She cuts back on certain expenses such as shopping, going out to eat, and other entertainment like the movies.

“Planning ahead financially is important to me, I have to set aside money just in case a random trip pops up, that’s how much I love traveling, said Lipsey.” “Sometimes I even tell myself a specific amount of money I can spend a week and if I somehow go over I match that same amount I spent and put the money in my savings account out of my checking.

But aside from budgeting, Lipsey says one of the main reasons she travels is to learn outside from being in school.

“I always thought if I don’t see the world now, I may have less time when I’m older with a job that isn’t as flexible, said Lipsey.” “I want to learn from different cultures, I want to know the variations between them and the stories as well as the traditions behind them.”

Lipsey loves to travel abroad rather than the states.

“It is so much to learn in other countries, my trip to Mexico was very pleasant I went to Mazatlán and everyone that I encountered was very polite and not rude, said Lipsey.” “The culture there was welcoming and to see the history behind the islands were amazing, I believe learning from other cultures is helping me become a better well-rounded person.”

Traveling makes the history come alive for Lipsey. She takes plenty of pictures and puts it in a scrap book to document the places she travels, she vlogs her trips as well and edits them to keep for memories sake.

“I want to soak up as much as I can, I want to show my future children where their mom has been and hopefully inspire them to go and do the same, said Lipsey.” “I think it’s a great thing to learn and travel at any age, but I believe you can help others and apply it longer if you start early.”

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