PHOTOS: Summer fun and games are not always the case for working students

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Matt Sullivan, senior at Fenton high school scrapes dirt and grime from the floor of one of Miller Industries warehouses - Photo provided by Grant Cislo

Matt Sullivan, senior at Fenton high school scrapes dirt and grime from the floor of the Miller Industries warehouse – Photo provided by Grant Cislo


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School has been out for almost two months now and summer has been in full swing for the high school students of Fenton, Mich. Summer is a time that students like to put down the books and enjoy the fun activities this time of year has to offer such as spending time on the lake, taking family vacations, and relaxing with friends, but for most high school students, summer is more than just some fun activities. Instead, you can find a majority of students spending their summer working a part-time job as well.

“My dad basically said, ‘you’re going to play a sport or you’re going to get a job; you’re not just going to sit around the house all day,'” said Matt Sullivan, senior at Fenton high school. “I was like alright, whatever I’ll go make money, fine with me.”

Sullivan is an employee at Miller Industries, where he works in the warehouse. Sullivan took the job because the hours were consistent and the pay was also good. He currently makes $10 an hour and works Monday thru Thursday ever week from 6 am till 4:30 pm.

Libby Carpenter, a senior at Fenton high school and Lexi Webster, recent graduate from Flint Powers Catholic High School in Flint are both employed this summer as well.

“I like that it is on the lake and it is more like, you have the nice weather, it’s more like you actually enjoy coming to work,” said Webster. She is currently working as a hostess at a waterfront restaurant located in Fenton on Ponemah Lake called Triple C’s Lakeshore Grille.

Carpenter is a hostess as well at Boston’s, a restaurant and sports bar located in Fenton. Carpenter works to have the extra spending money that she can put towards expenses such as a car and summer vacations.

According to Matthew Dobbs, a previous restaurant manager, it is important for high school kids to get a job, especially during the summer time.

“It teaches them responsibility,” said Dobbs. “A lot of parents have the money for their kids, they just are trying to teach them responsibility and keep them from being spoiled.

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