Patience, passion key to making a living in music

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Journalism at Michigan State University

AUSTIN, Texas — The capitol city of texas is the Live Music Capital of the World and while many would love to contribute, the path to getting involved in the music industry is incredibly challenging to pursue full-time.

According to Shane Quade, owner of Oh Bleep!, you must have a lot of passion and patience to succeed in the Austin music scene.

Specifically, being a musician in the Austin music scene comes with some statistics that might deter some from pursuing their life goal of being a professional musician. Musicians from the Austin, Texas Music scene provided information about their sources of income pre-taxed from 2013.

According to the Census as reported by Titan Music Group, LLC, more than 20.5 percent of Austin musicians are below the 2014 federal poverty level of $11,670, more than 50 percent qualify for Section 8 housing subsidies, and more than 62 percent are below the Austin area Median Annual Wage.

Whether you are at the top of the totem pole amongst Austin musicians or you are at the bottom trying to find your path to the top, Elijah Price, co-owner of Caged Cat Productions, believes that everyone is chasing a similar dream.

“You want to be on top of the world and that’s the goal. I would love to be playing 20, 30, 40, 50,000 person(s) shows on the daily and being paid truckloads of money to do it. That’s the hope and the dream that everybody seeks when they seek out their passion everyday of their life and they work countless hours to get there. All you want is to be able to get to the top and solidify your spot and your legacy and your empire forever and ever,” Price said.

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