Does social media affect our spending?

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In the era of social media in this digital age, everyone have some type of social account. From parents, friends, even your favorite brands have a page. On platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more are getting smarter on how to gain more consumers.

Michigan State student Kevin Nichols can adhere to the social media marketing.

“I follow certain brands on Instagram as well fashion blogs, to get ideas,” said Nichols. “If I see something I like I click to go to the page, which puts be to their page, then to the link to the site to buy something if I really want it. It makes things that are available to buy, more accessible to reach their audiences like myself.”

Nichols’ sister also had a catering business she marketed on social media for the East Lansing community. Nochols helped her out with her Instagram presence for Instagram.

“We focused on presentation for each of our photos, and had to be consistent on posting to catch their attention,” said Nichols.

Jessica Bunce who’s the director of the marketing research program at Michigan State University explained how this marketing encourages spending.

“It creates awareness because everyone is on social media. There are many products we are not aware of, we scroll and make us want to purchase,” said Bunce.

Many businesses work with Google to add their ads, based on search histories. “It helps focus on targets of profiles they visit regularly, that help direct who see it and most likely to purchase it,” Bunce adds.

Social sites like YouTube is becoming more consumer aware, sending items to review to YouTubers, to review their products for their audiences.

“It creates credibility,” and can persuade people to purchase the product, and allow product comparison, Bunce said.

Compared to 10 years ago, social media has helped bring attention to products creating curiosity, and desire for their products. “The ways of marketing (are) always changing,” and businesses have now adapted, says Bunce.

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