Road work adds to the headaches of suburban Detroit commuters

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Journalism at Michigan State University

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. — Some say that in Michigan that there are two seasons: winter and construction. There seems to be construction everywhere you turn around the Metro Detroit area. The newest project in the area is the construction on Hall Road or M-59 throughout Macomb County.

The project was announced in early February and is said to be a two-year plan to improve road conditions and access to restaurants and businesses. The revamp will cost $60 million, according to the Detroit Free Press. Although in the long run this construction will benefit the city and its citizens, the citizens are feeling the pressure during their commutes to and from work every morning and it’s even making their commutes take double the usual time.

“I usually take Schoenherr to work every morning but since it’s been closed for a few days now, I have to take a detour or find an alternate route which takes me out of my way and adds a good 10 minutes to my commute,” said Sterling Heights native Shane McKenna.

The construction not only shuts down the main road, it also affects the adjoining roads to Hall Road. Every week there seems to be a new road closed and then people will take the road that was worked on the week prior. This happens and makes all the roads around more congested with traffic. Hall Road is also a mess due to the lane closures and that frustrates motorists.

“It’s just a mess and it’s always stop and go traffic. It’s frustrating,” said Shelby Township native Courtney Arft.

Along with this frustration could come very aggressive driving from some people, which is the last thing people want when there is little to no room to maneuver on the road.

In two years when the project is finished people are going to be happy with what they see but for the time being the near future will be hectic for people just trying to get to work every morning.


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