Plan for Planned Parenthood sparks major concerns

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As Congress debated whether President Donald Trump’s bill to cut Title X funding from abortion providing clinics like Planned Parenthood had any significance, women all over have the urgency to express their perspective on the issue.

“As a Christian woman, I prefer to not support organizations associated with abortions. I do not believe in abortions,” said Ashley Bowens, missionary at Apostolic Faith Church.

In 2013, two-thirds of Planned Parenthood’s annual revenue came from abortions, according to Planned Parenthood’s annual report. Abortions generate the most income, but are not the primary service provided at the health centers. Planned Parenthood also provides STD testing, sex education and outreach, pregnancy testing, cancer screenings and breast exams.

Not a single tax dollar has gone toward funding abortions at Planned Parenthood, because the Hyde Amendment prohibits the use of federal funds for abortions. Seventy-five percent of federal funding goes toward medicaid reimbursements, so taxpayers are not paying for these abortions.

“There are many reasons people choose to have abortions” said Mamie Powell, director of Mental Health for the City of Chicago, “I don’t think society should make that choice for them. That individual will be the one responsible for raising that child. Society should not dictate whether or not that individual should have that child.”

Most Planned Parenthood facilities are in rural areas that lack medical assistance. Planned Parenthood is the main reproductive health clinic for women relying on federal programs for care. Sixty percent of the patients rely on federal programs, and can not afford safe health care without programs like Planned Parenthood.

“Health care in general is important, but women’s health care is extremely important. If Planned Parenthood loses their funding, women in need of assistance will suffer,” said Dolly Strong, Public health nurse at Lawndale Christian Health Center.

Planned Parenthood offered no comment for this article.

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