People turn to organics, meditation in hope of creating a healthier lifestyle

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Troy Farwell checks inventory and opens a new product.

Troy Farwell checks inventory and opens a new product.

Troy Farwell checks inventory and opens a new product.

Everyone knows of the old adage, “you are what you eat.” If you consume fatty foods and sugary beverages you are more likely to become unhealthy.

A majority of Americans have become that unhealthy person. According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2010, two out of three American adults are considered to be overweight or obese.

“You have to think of your body like a car or a machine. If you put garbage into your vehicle then you should expect it to run like garbage,” said Linda Jackson, a certified organic farmer since 1996 and customer of Simple Organics since 2012.

Simple Organics is a health and wellness store located in Oxford, Michigan and has been around since 2010. The store is run by Dr. Troy Farwell, who has been studying holistic health for more than 20 years.  

An array of oils and lotions stocked on the shelves at Simple Organics.

An array of oils and lotions stocked on the shelves at Simple Organics.

Farwell has worked with thousands of clients attempting to regain a healthy lifestyle and maintain a balanced sense of living. Jackson was one of Farwell’s earlier customers at Simple Organics and ever since walking through the door in 2012 she has transformed her lifestyle.

Jackson says that Americans are becoming more consciously aware of the environment and the world we’re living in. There is more acknowledgement of what is organic and what is not, and big corporations like Whole Foods and Costco are now offering more organic products.

Natural supplements and medicine are on the rise in America, and people are turning from chips and sodas to fruits and vegetables, relying on meditation sometimes over medication, and overall being more mindful about what they consume.

“Once I started implementing Dr. Farwell’s teachings and suggestions I immediately began to feel healthier. I lost 70 pounds, that I have kept off since 2013, and a majority of it was from ridding my body of the toxins I had been putting into it, along with exercising my mind through meditation,” Jackson said.

Meditation by no means is a new concept, it has been around for thousands and thousands of years, but Farwell believes people have forgotten its simplicity and mental health benefits. However, Farwell does see promise in the younger generations who are more open to new ideas and less traditional practices.

“I’m noticing that the younger generations have seen all of the pills and medications their parents and grandparents have taken and come to the conclusion that maybe this isn’t the best solution for me. So then they come to me or someone in the field and ask how can this problem be taken care of more naturally,” Farwell said.

According to Dr. Janice Schwartz, an assistant professor of physiology at Michigan State University, the trend of “healthy living” methods surrounding coping, prevention, meditation, aromatherapy and other alternative treatments have increased over the past 15 years.

“Eating organically and consuming more natural supplements is absolutely more common because it has become increasingly more accessible. What I find truly fascinating about today’s 18-to-25-year-olds is how much they care about their health and what they are putting into their bodies. When I was around that age, people did not focus on health,” Schwartz said.

A study by the Nutrition Business Journal in 2012 supports Schwartz’s claim. United States’ sales of organic products were around $12 to 13 billion in 2005 and were estimated to climb as high as $35 billion in 2014. Schwartz believes it makes a lot of sense as to why organic foods and supplements are finding their way into America’s kitchens.

“People generally want to improve their health and the drive to take care of your body is natural. So certified organic products just make sense because they are less tainted and healthier for you,” Schwartz said.

A big difference Jackson noticed is that natural medicine does not have side effects like prescription and over-the-counter medications. Jackson used to be prescribed Xanax for her severe anxiety, but when she came to Simple Organics and began meditating she no longer needed to use the medication. Her stress and headaches were gone and she says it is all thanks to meditation.

“What meditation has taught me and so many others is that the mind needs to shut off all of the distractions and focus on relaxing every muscle and neuron in your body. I meditate once a day and it truly helps me keep a healthy balance between my mental and physical self,” Jackson said.

Natural supplements and vitamins are a hot commodity at Simple Organics.

Natural supplements and vitamins are a hot commodity at Simple Organics.

Farwell notices Americans are beginning to make healthier choices when it comes to the lifestyles they are wanting to live. He has spoken all across the country at Whole Foods conferences and healthy living seminars and has seen a definite change in the size of the crowds. More and more people are adapting a more natural way of living, and Farwell believes it is a great thing to see.

“I have young people in their early 20s that are coming in for prevention and they want to focus on staying healthy. I’ve never seen this before, usually people come to me when it is their last option and everything else is failed. The younger generation has nothing wrong with them they just want to stay where they are and that’s really cool,” Farwell said.

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