Mason First United Methodist Church making waves in community

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The Mason First United Methodist Church 201 E. Ash St. is very active in the community. The church donates to Living Water International, holds a clothing bank every other Tuesday, has a women’s program, gives out scholarships, has a daycare for children and puts on choir concerts weekly.

“We do the most we can,” said the Rev. Donna K. Minarik. “It’s incredible seeing a small town come together for things much bigger than us.”

In 2016, the church donated $4,278 to Living Water International. This money goes to communities all over the world in desperate need of clean drinking water. Money is collected every fifth Sunday and the church is already on track to surpass last year’s donation.

“Giving is contagious,” said Minarik. “The kids love it. The parents love it. It really is a parable of water sharing. Everyone coming together for something great.”

The church also puts on a clothing bank. The church receives donations often from all over of the community and every other Tuesday people can come in and take what they need.

“I’ve been going to the church for 15 years,” said Debby Fosburg. “I love it here. The church has grown so much. It always gives back and it’s like one big family.”

The church also gives out scholarships, holds a children’s daycare and has a women’s program. The women’s program has more than 40 women who do a variety of activities for the church and community such as tours to Jackson prison for ideas on prison reform, guest speakers and weekly meetings.

Conductor of the choir.

Nicholas K. Stahl

Conductor of the choir.

“It’s all something we’re proud to be in and we’re better because of it,” said Sandy Gerrish, a member of the women’s program.

The church also has hand-chime and carolier choir concerts every week.

“Everyone is welcome and the concerts are always so great,” said Minarik. “It really just makes church fun for anyone.”

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