Local teacher’s museum displays hidden gems of Mason’s history

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Inside his personal museum, Scott Shattuck organizes and curates artifacts from the American Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War II and more.

At 417 W. South St. a museum inside Shattuck’s garage and basement featuring Mason’s rich history is open to the public.

Shattuck’s extensive collection of Mason’s history started when his grandfather gave him some Civil War artifacts. Everything in his collection has been donated, bought and gathered since then.

“The collecting will never end,” said Shattuck. “The museum is here to honor those from Mason that have served. It’s important to preserve our history like this.”

Shattuck is on the Mason county historical commission, the cemetery board and the American Legion. He helps with veteran organizations, parades and funerals. One of his most notable projects is the statues erected in front of Mason city hall recognizing every war Mason residents have been a part of.

Shattuck also has three kids, coached girls basketball for 15 years and is planning on retiring next year after 34 years of teaching history at Mason Middle School.

“Anyone can come by. It’s my pleasure to share these things with people,” said Shattuck. “I want other people to enjoy it as much as I do.”

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