Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter to construct new building over next 2 years

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Ingham County Animal Shelter Current building in Mason, MI.

Devan Carmody

Ingham County Animal Shelter current building in Mason, MI.

INGHAM COUNTY – Ingham County animal control and shelter is looking for an architect and construction management team to create the county’s animal shelter. Animal control director John Dinon said that if everything goes according to plan the new shelter should be ready in about two years.

Ingham County animal control Officer John Good said, “this expansion will benefit everybody. I mean, the animals and the people. You know, you get a nice environment that people want to volunteer in, it’s going to add more volunteers which then helps the animals because they’re going to be taken out more, they’re going to be socialized more which then will increase the adoption rates because you have animals that are not only health but also happy.”

Dinon addressed the County Board of Commissioners to discuss customer service staff reorganization. With the addition coming soon, the shelter would also like to reorganize and expand departments. Additionally, will allow the new animal shelter to be open six days a week, rather than the five days a week it is currently open.

Ingham County voters approved of the millage requesting that the county animal shelter be rebuilt and expanded.This will bring in taxes of $6.8 million county budget to rebuild the Ingham County animal shelter, paying for nearly 90 percent of the project, including the additional departments.There will be an additional capital campaign to make up for the 10 percent of money needed.

an Ingham County Animal Shelter Volunteer with a dog

Devan Carmody

An Ingham County Animal Shelter volunteer taking one of the shelter’s dogs for a walk

Ingham County animal shelter volunteer Loretta Johnston said, “it just looks a little shabby. It’s an old building and when I heard about the plans it all sounded wonderful to me. Right now, animals come in and go out the same way, this lobby, and they’re planning to construct a building that will have separate lobbies for animals being brought in and animals leaving, so I think that will be nice.”

Dinon says that with the new project underway, “it is raising people’s awareness about the animal control department and, you know, that’s a good thing. More people will know about us and understand what we do here and as people hear about and see the new shelter, obviously, having a modern and more welcoming facility, it will draw them here.”

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