Distracted Driving Leads to Fatal Car Accident

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It is Distracted Drivers Awareness Month.

Texting and driving is now thought of being just as bad as drunk driving. Distracted driving includes texting while driving, checking social media, eating or even putting on makeup when behind the wheel.

Accident reports in the state of Michigan now tracks whether drivers were distracted when they had their accidents. Distracted driving is the cause of 1.6 million accidents and about 300,000 people are victims of distracted driving each year.

Six month ago Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.43.20 AMMichigan State University student

Mitchel Kiefer was on his way back to school when he was rear ended by a distracted driver.  Kiefer was hit by a girl who was speeding and distracted driving- the girl was said to be snap chatting while driving making her oblivious to Kiefer being stopped because of traffic. Kiefer flew out the window, over the median and wa

s ran over by a truck. At only 18 years old Kiefer was dead on impact.

 I turn my phone off every time I get in the car and I think it’s just this situation that happened with Mitchel,” said close friend and Michigan State Freshman K

yle Isaacson. 

Since his death friends and family of Mitchel started a website, sharing his story. ” We are hoping to go around to colleges and high schools around the state with a distracted driving stimulator to show the harm of it,” said childhood friend of Mitchel Sheldon Wasik. 

Sargent Scott Dawson of the Meridian Township Police Department says there is no reason for anybody to be texting and driving.

“If it is something so urgent that you have to read it right now yo

u shouldn’t be driving,” said Dawson. 

Fines for distracted driving can add up to $200.

Mitchel Kiefer would have turned 19 this past Monday.


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