Blaze Pizza opens second East Lansing location by giving it away

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On Monday, March 27, Blaze Pizza opened its second location in East Lansing. The restaurant is located at 437 E. Grand River Ave.

Free pizza was served the next day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“We always do a soft opening on the first day,” said Ryan Fauble, owner of both locations in East Lansing. “We just unlock the doors and see what happens and then the next day we do a free pizza day.”

Owner of both Blaze Pizza locations in East Lansing.

Blair Moon

Owner of both Blaze Pizza locations in East Lansing, Ryan Fauble

“It’s pizza for you,” said Fauble. “You go down the line, you choose any number of toppings you want, you build the pizza however you want for one set price. There’s no limit to the toppings you get.

“We have a signature menu that’s $7.95. Those are the eight different styles of pizza’s that we design for you. So are pizza’s like one size fits all. We also have a simple pie. It’s just our cheese pizza for $5 or if you’re just a pepperoni person or you want just like a single topping, that’s $6.25. We also have a few desserts. We have s’mores, brownies and cookies for $2. We have a lot of different beverage options including some cane sugar sodas and some fresh lemonades and Agua Frescas.”

During the free pizza day the line stretched all the way down the block and continued around the corner. Customers seemed to really be loving Blaze Pizza.


Blair Moon

Customer Kevin Webb

“It’s good pizza,” said customer Kevin Webb. “To me, there isn’t anything like it because I don’t really like pizza but I like the fact that I can come here and put whatever I want on it. I tell everybody, if you’re going to eat pizza, go there.”

Not only do customers enjoy Blaze Pizza, but their employees enjoy working there as well.

Blair Moon

Employee Jenny Broussard

Employee Jenny Broussard said, “I worked at the Frandor location. I was the assistant manager over there and then I promoted up to come over here. It’s been great. It’s a real fun environment, it’s a great place to work. It’s the best pizza i have ever had. It’s great and not only is the quality amazing, our chef took a long time to put in the dedication to figure out just the perfect ingredients for our crust. Also, how could you beat it? Whatever you want as a topping for $7.95.”

Blaze Pizza helps groups with fundraising.

Rachel Albritton

Blair Moon

Rachel Albritton, who doesn’t work for Blaze but was there to pass out flyers about fundraising

“You can host a party, here at Blaze,” said Rachel Albritton. “20 percent of whatever we make that day will go back to the organization. It’s a really neat program because however many people you get to come out that directly relates to how mu
ch money you make for your group.”

Although it just opened, Blaze is still hiring.

“We’re always looking for great friendly people to join our staff,” said Fauble. “It’s a high-energy place to work. Any position, we’re still looking for. We just hired a lot of people, we’ve hired about 50 people. So we’re just trying to see what the sales will be like and it could be more from there. Definitely apply with us. The website is”

Fauble said, “I think MSU attracts a lot of different people to the area. In the summertime with the different camps that they do for sporting events or school events, we’re going to get a good mixture of people right here. We definitely anticipate a large abundance of college students because we’re right here in the heart of MSU, so we definitely expect to see a lot of college kids and I think this brand is perfect for the college student. It makes sense to them.”

For more information on Blaze Pizza such as their menu or other things you can check out their website, or you can visit Blaze’s social media.

“Fire it up,” said Fauble.

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