Williamston bakery celebrates Fat Tuesday

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The Groovy Donuts shop knew Fat Tuesday was coming and they prepared for it weeks in advance. Paczki is their specialty on this day, bringing in hundreds of people from the community for just that.

Elizabeth Rugh, a worker who has been at the shop for a year and a half, emphasized how hectic Fat Tuesday is compared to any other workday, especially due to the paczki.

“Compared to a normal day, it’s probably been about 5 times as busy. As far as paczki, we’ve sold hundreds and the day isn’t even over yet,” Rugh said.

Shifts were doubled and family members were brought in for extra help the night before. All members of the donut shop were dedicated to make the best paczki in town.

“They ordered supplies for 480 dozens worth. They hand-cut each one. They started in the kitchen at 9pm last night and baked for 17 hours straight,” Rugh said.

People come from all over just to buy the paczki offered in 9 flavors: cream, chocolate cream, custard, lemon, prune, blueberry, cherry, raspberry, and unfilled.

Paczki in the shelves.

Paczki in the shelves.

Jerry Wright drove a half hour with his family from a neighboring local town. He heard about the paczki through word of mouth.

“This is my first time walking through here. It’s always been here and we drive by it all the time. I’m a quality dessert fan though, so I’m more than excited to try the paczki,” Wright said.

Lauren Ross, a Williamston high school student, was just as excited, but because she was returning for another year on Fat Tuesday.

“This place has the best paczki and donuts I’ve ever had. They offer a variety of flavors and it’s so fresh. I’m so anxious to be able to eat these again this year,” Ross said.

Another high school student, Gavin Eisele, said he couldn’t wait to get out of school so he could come right to the shop.

“The paczki here has been on my mind all day. I was craving paczki and this is definitely the place to come so I booked it here after class. It’s the best place for it,” Eisele said.

Overall, the customers come in with a smile on their face and leave with their box full of paczki.

Brooke Johnecheck, another worker behind the magic of the day, explained how she loves the energy and excitement of the customers.

“There have been so many orders. People even order a week or two in advance. People are so eager to walk in and pick up their paczki,” Johnecheck said.

Their paczki specialty was advertised extensively throughout the town with posters and ads, as well as on all of their social media. Fat Tuesday was a success.

For future holidays and specialties available in the Groovy Tuesday donut shop, visit their Facebook page that is updated daily.

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