West Orthodontics opens in DeWitt

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west ortho

DeWitt recently welcomed a new business to the Schavey Road Plaza. West Orthodontics, owned by Dr. Kristine West, occupied a spot in the plaza and officially opened in January.

“My husband and I did a bunch of market research and demographics studies and it really supported the area of DeWitt,” said West. “I was fortunate enough there was space available.”

Practicing orthodontics in Lansing since 1999, West claims that opening this practice was “starting from scratch.”

“I’ve never started anything from scratch. It was kind of that uncharted territory in my final frontier that I’ve always wanted to do,” said West. “I’m excited because I’m finally doing it. It’s kind of like my life’s final masterpiece. I have an amazing team of employees who are fully on board.”

After a couple of training days and software implementation, the business is up and running and has a Facebook page and website progressing.

“We’re getting our website details up and running so a lot of info is coming out soon” said West.

The location is also close to DeWitt schools, which is convenient for parents and young patients in need of orthodontic care.

“For orthodontics in general, kind of the rule of thumb is that the first spot you want to be in is near a middle school,” said West. “For the most part, a majority of patients will be in the 6-8 grade range.”

According to DeWitt Charter Township’s Planning department, the city is in full support of new facilities.

“The spot was an existing suite within the businesses,” said Brett Wittenberg, a planner for Dewitt Charter Township. “DeWitt always encourages new additions to the township and new businesses.”

Now that she’s back from being a stay-at-home mother, West calls the overall experience “rewarding.”

“Were so excited to become a part of the Dewitt community and other nearby communities like Bath, St. Johns, and Grand Ledge,” said West. “We’re just excited to really come out and offer the best service for people and really take of clients.”


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