Holocaust survivor to tell his story at MSU

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During an event called Stories of a Survivor, Martin Lowenberg will share his story of living through the Holocaust. Lowenberg survived multiple Nazi concentration camps during his teens.

The event is being sponsored by MSU Hillel, the Michigan Jewish Conference, MSU History Association and the Jewish Student Union.

Ariel Bergman of MSU Hillel helped plan the event as a way to promote Holocaust awareness. She said most students can’t come to the official Holocaust Commemoration event at the Michigan Capitol because it’s during the school day around finals week. To supplement student awareness, she asked her former neighbor, Martin Lowenberg to speak.

“This is the last generation of survivors,” said Bergman, relating it to the importance of hearing about the Holocaust in person. “We need them to tell their stories before we have to tell their stories.”

Bergman spoke about the importance of freedom of religion in the United States and Lowenberg’s experience.

“It can be taken away so quickly and I think it’s important that he’s sharing that it was taken away from him.” said Bergman. “I think it’s important that everyone can practice what they believe and they don’t have to be a certain way.”

MSU Hillel Associate Director Robyn Hughey said the event is not only for Jewish students but also for those of all backgrounds because the lessons transcend one religion

“I think it’s important for everyone to know about what happened so that it would never happen again.” said Hughey. “Just because it happened to Jews then doesn’t mean it would happen to Jews again but, it could happen to someone else.”

Micaela Procopio of the MSU History Association helped plan the Stories of a Survivor event. She said, “With events like this, you see history in a new sort of light. You see it hands on, you see it related to your daily life, you see it related to things that are happening in the news, things that can happen in the future. I would like people to come to this so they can understand what importance history has in their lives and they can realize ‘Oh wow, this is really important.’”

The free event will be 7-9 p.m. Tuesday, March 28, in the MSU Union Ballroom on the 2nd floor.

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