Family Tree Café offers made-from-scratch diner delights

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If you go to Family Tree Café and ask any waitress what she suggests, she would say the spinach pie or the customer-favorite mac n’ cheese bites.

“The first thing I always offer to my customers before I take their order is the spinach pie,” Maggie Canady said. “Sometimes, people enjoy them so much that they get two orders of the pie for their appetizer and entrée. It’s kind of funny to watch because I’ve gotten people who don’t even like spinach to try it, and they love it.”

Aside to the mac n’ cheese bites and house-made spinach pie, the menu offers 12 different hamburgers, all made from scratch, along with 12 pasta dishes. The burgers are half off on Thursdays.

Fish and chips are another fan-favorite entree at Family Tree Café.

Maggie Canady has been working at Family Tree Café since they first opened about a year and a half ago. She knew the owners from the community. Once they pitched their restaurant idea to her, she thought “What better place to work than a place with a family-like environment?”

Dewitt native Camille Handy eats at Family Tree Café at least once a week since the café opened. She’s “obsessed” with the lobster roll.

“I have a craving around the same time every week,” said Handy. “My obsession began when I was pregnant with my first child, and it hasn’t stopped.”

Handy’s daughter just turned 1 year old last week.

The Family Tree Cafe opened in June of 2015. The owners of the restaurant are siblings—hence the name—and include Ann Williams, her sister Sue Vlahakis and brothers Steve and Tim Russell.

“We hoped to create some sort of a family-like environment,” said co-owner Steve Russell. “We enjoy seeing people come in here with their families because that’s the place we hope that we’ve promoted. We even see the same families here every week.”

The response that the owners and staff have received from the small community of Dewitt has been overwhelming and “a dream come true,” said Russell.

Family Tree Cafe is located on 129 1/2 S. Bridge St. If you sign up for the email newsletter on the restaurant website, you will receive half-off of the spinach pie or any appetizer of choice.

The family-owned restaurant is just down the street from the Dewitt Police Station.

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The family-owned restaurant is just down the street from the Dewitt Police Station.

  • Monday-Thursday: 6 a.m.- 9 p.m.
  • Friday: 6 a.m. to midnight.
  • Saturday: 7 a.m. to midnight.
  • Sunday: 7 a.m.- 9 p.m.

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