Communication to Williamston residents advances in the right direction

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The City of Williamston has the small town characteristics along main street.

The City of Williamston has the small town characteristics along main street.

When living in a small community, some might wonder how residents are able to receive their news in a timely manner. From newspaper to alerts via texts, Williamston residents have several ways to stay informed when breaking news hits their community.

“The Williamston Enterprise is our local newspaper that residents can read about what’s happening in the community that isn’t as urgent,” said Williamston Clerk, Holly Thompson.

“The city also mails calendars to the residents with the dates of the board meetings every year, that includes information about snow removal, parking on the streets, etc.,” said Thompson.

Newspapers are still apart of smaller communities, but with modern technology advancing the way it has, newspapers have become less resourceful in helping residence receive their news.

“We have our website for the community of Williamston that has the important dates to any city meeting, contact information, and major events happening in the area,” said Thompson.


City Hall is located at 161 E. Grand River, where residents can come for board meetings.

“Also we try and post on our Williamston Facebook page whenever we have something that we need to relay to our residents,” said Thompson.

Thompson continues to use media to make a positive experience for the community to receive their news.

Williamston High School also has their own way of making sure that students are able to know about what’s happening not only in their school but in the community as well.

“Every morning we had a news program that was produced by students, letting us know what was happening during the week,” said Makayla Buchan, a former student at Williamston High School.

At the end of the week, students would also have a special news program called the Williamston Weekly, which let students know about more in depth school news.

“Our teachers would also receive emails that then they relayed any information we needed to know to the classroom,” said Buchan.

Although Williamston isn’t a high crime area, the technology available for residents to know about breaking news is convenient and modern.

“We use a program called Nixel, that is an emergency alert system that sends text messages or emails to any resident that signs up for it,” said Vonnie Green, the city assessor for Williamston.

“This alerts the community about things like traffic alerts or closing the city down due to extreme weather,” said Green.

The police department also uses an application called Crimedar, which shows the residents every report that the police department has responded too.

“People can use Crimedar to find areas in Williamston where the crime rate is lower or just to see what has been happening in the city,” said Green.






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