A new business opening in the Marsh Road plaza

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Construction on the new L.O. Eye Care, located at 5100 Marsh Rd., is going slower than expected. The new location opening on March 31, in Okemos presents other business opportunities for the surrounding businesses in the Marsh Road plaza.

“We did run into an issue with a design component of the new office and after spending a couple of weeks trying to find a way to achieve the look we desired, the plan had to be altered,” said Lisa Rentz, who is ahead of the construction progress of the new L.O. Eye Care center in Okemos. “This resulted in a slight delay in our original timeline,” 

Rentz is the director of marketing for every L.O. Eye Care location in Michigan.

“We have 11 other locations including two in East Lansing and one in Williamston as well,” said Rentz.

The new L.O. Eye Care in Okemos makes for the the fifth L.O. Eye Care center in Ingham County.

“The decision to create a location in Okemos was made after reviewing our patient demographics and target market demographics,” said Rentz. “This information led us to believe that there was a demand for our services in the Okemos area.”

“We did spend some time researching various locations that were available for lease in the Okemos area before deciding on securing the space in Central Park Place,” said Rentz. “We felt that location was the most visible, patient friendly space available and we are very excited to be moving in.”

Other owners including Robert Song, who owns Maru Sushi, shares the suite next to the L.O. Eye Care. Song has taken notice of the construction next to his business but understands the positive effect it can have on his long-term business.

“If the new L.O. Eye Care has any effect on our business at all, we would guess it would be positive, because any new business that opens up in our plaza will place more eyes on our location. As for the construction, we have noticed that it’s taken some time,” said Song.

“L.O. Eye will bring extra traffic and should help the business. Construction is a part of life. We are not bothered by it,” said Song.

Yvonne Weaver, owner of the American Flooring in the 5100 Marsh Rd. plaza, said she is optimistically awaiting the opening of the L.O. Eye Care next to her business.

“If a shopping center is 80-100 percent occupied it is always a great benefit for all business in the center. Adding traffic is beneficiary to us, regardless,” said Weaver.

“Maybe someone sees our location, that did not know where we are located before. Maybe it sparks interest in customer traffic – possibly selecting new flooring and checking for future needs and so on. It’s a good thing,” said Weaver.

“If another big tenant could entice other businesses to fill the empty spaces, because they see a new anchor tenant, just like us, with long term leases,” Weaver said.

Although it’s the eye care chain’s 10th location, the new Okemos location brings optimism from other businesses in the Marsh Rd. plaza once construction finishes.

“Construction is back on track and going very well at the Okemos location, we are expected to have occupancy on March 31. Our first day of business will be April 6,” said Rentz.


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