Williamston prepares for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is Tuesday and the town of Williamston is bringing the love to life in every way they can. From treats to date ideas, local businesses have it covered.

At Blue Button Bakery, the shelves are being filled with Valentine’s Day themed treats. The decorations adorn the outside window, welcoming customers into the shop.

“I’ve been coming here for about a year now,” 14-year-old McKenzie Cool said. “The atmosphere is so welcoming and for Valentine’s Day, the cinnamon rolls or brownies are my favorite.”

The bakery starts preparing these heart-shaped treats a week before the holiday. The owner of two years, Dawn-Marie Joseph, strives to stay organized with running both the bakery and the floral shop next door.

“All of the details need to be done the week before so everything runs smoothly the actual week of the holiday,” Joseph said. “It’s all about the joy you bring to others. It just makes you smile.”

Joseph knows the ins and outs of Valentine’s Day all too well, as she owns both Blue Button Bakery and Vivee’s Flower Shop next door, along with the wedding gallery down the street.

Williamston also prepares for date nights for lovebirds on Valentine’s Day, such as ones at Fireworks Glass Studios.

At the studio, you can learn to create blown glass projects with your significant other, or make each other a gift.

Ron Baker, an artist at Fireworks, said they try their best to make it a unique experience. “People who would never get the chance to do it, have the opportunity to try something new,” he says.

Everything from blown-glass hearts to roses are created, in hopes of lighting the holiday spirit of love.

Other local stores, such as Barrett’s clothing, use the holiday to unleash new surprises. Rich Martin, the owner of the family business, prepares the mannequins for Valentine’s Day in hopes of bringing in new customers.

“We are using Valentine’s Day to introduce our new spring clothing lines,” Martin said. “The windows will open during the day, to reveal the new fashions

Martin said he recognizes his store is used for Valentine’s Day gifts.

“Where I get excited, is when I see a dad bringing their kid in to find something for their mom,” he said. “My favorite is asking ‘is that your mom’s favorite color’”?


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