Williamston Middle School fundraiser looking to gain new recess supplies

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With more than 200 students each lunch break, two tetherball courts and three basketball hoops make it difficult to share and enjoy recess.

Williamston Middle School parents formed the “Outdoor Activities Improvement Project,” in hopes of gaining new things for their children’s recess.

The secretary of the school, Tara Brooks said, “The parents did this all on their own. They want the best for the kids and took charge completely of the fundraiser.”

This fundraiser ran completely by the parents was created after the school had no extra funding themselves to buy additional recess supplies or activities for the students.

Some community groups have stepped forward to fund some larger recess activity ideas, such as two Gaga pits, a cement wall for wall ball, and a shade structure.

Things that the parents need help fundraising for include volleyballs, footballs, basketballs, Frisbees, soccer goals, beanbags, and more.

When asked why recess is important, 8th grader Molly Maki said she really hopes things are donated so they have more to do.

“We need free time because we are learning all day,” Maki said. “It’s the break time in the day for us to talk with friends we don’t have class with, too.”

Vice Principal and Behavior Intervention Specialist, Patrick Weber, agrees that the recess is necessary for these kids.

“The kids are anxious to get outside as soon as lunch is done,” Weber said. “They are used to a break in routine and it’s necessary for them to decompress.”

Weber said that the old recess structure and play area was replaced when the parking lot was expanded. He hopes that the fundraiser is successful because recess is an important part of the day for the students.

This is where the middle school recess is currently held.

This is where the middle school recess is currently held.

“Recess encourages socialization, getting along, and even helps the students with planning ahead when deciding what to wear for the weather outside,” Weber said.

The parents of the fundraiser are glad to have the moral support of the school. They too, like to recognize how important recess is to these kids.

If you are interested in donating an item or cash amount to the fundraiser for Williamston Middle School recess, you can do so here. Weber encourages the positive help.

“The generosity will benefit the kids and the school. We want more options for kids to play,” Weber said. “They look forward to those things. It really could make their day.”

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